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Factory Premium ADSS GYFTY GYTS GYXTW GYTC8S Aerial Dust Armoured Outdoor Fiber Optic ... 银河游戏官网注册官方地址

银河游戏官网注册官方客户端 1000 Meters
Shenzhen DYS ,over 10 years manufacturer on fiber optic field ,offering one-stop solutions porducts and service ,not just items showed in this listing ,please send inquiry with ...

Copper/Aluminum Conductor PE/XLPE/PVC Insulation Electric Power Twisted Overhead Service ... 银河游戏官网注册娱乐

银河游戏官网注册首页 US $0.2 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官网检测 5000 Meters
Product Discription Application The cables are designed for aerial power lines and room-entrance wires with U0/U up to and including 0.6/1kV, 6/10kV. Aerial Bundle ...

Sc Multimode Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cord Fiber Cable Fiber Jumper Cable 银河游戏官网注册娱乐

银河游戏官网注册官方客户端 US $1.4 / Piece
银河游戏官网注册官网 1 Piece
SC/LC/ST/FC/MTRJ/MPO/MTP Fiber optical patch cord, fiber optic patch cable. Optical Fiber Optic Cable/Patch Cord, indoor cable,SC/UPC-SC/UPC multi-mode duplex, ...

Low-Voltage Used in Electric Transmission and Distribution System Cable Electrical Cable 银河游戏官网注册安卓地址

银河游戏官网注册在线软件 $0.8 - $10 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册下载登录 1000 Meters
Used for power distribution and industrial equipment, large rated voltage 0.6/1 kv, 1.8/3 kv cross-linked polyethylene insulation, PVC insulated copper, aluminum, aluminum alloy ...

22 AWG Unshielded PVC Insulated Wire Fire Alarm Cable 银河游戏官网注册首页地址

银河游戏官网注册官方地址 $1 - $80 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册软件娱乐 20000 Meters
4 Core Fire Alarm Cable shield or unshield solid or stranded Solid Bare Copper Flame Retardant PVC Insulation 105°C , 300 Volt APPLICATIONS Security/Fire Alarm ...

Communication 1-5/8" RF Leaky Cable Low Smoke Halogen-Free Fire-Retardant RF Leaky Cable 银河游戏官网注册检测网址

银河游戏官网注册官网检测 $1 - $10 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官方地址 500 Meters
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OUR COMPANY/HENGXIN TECHNOLOGY Hengxin was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) on 11 May 2006, and was ...

21years Professional Manufacture Produce RG6 Coaxial Cable with ETL RoHS Ce (RG6) 银河游戏官网注册官网地址

银河游戏官网注册官网 $0.1 - $0.26 / km
银河游戏官网注册娱乐 30 km
Hangzhou Xingfa Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd is a Pioneer manufacturer with more than 15 years experience in the communications cable industry in China. We can professionally ...

Haivol 18/20kv High Voltage 3-Core Cold Shrinkable Joint Kit Applicable of Cable ... 银河游戏官网注册app手机

银河游戏官网注册首页地址 $320 - $350 / Piece
银河游戏官网注册网址网址 50 Pieces
Feature of product: Technique of full cold shrink: Without fire work and special tools, simply pull the wick gently, will retract rely on its own elasticity, so attaches to the ...

OEM Factory / Custom OEM Automotive Wire Harness 银河游戏官网注册下载登录

银河游戏官网注册首页 US $0.125 / Piece
银河游戏官网注册官网检测 100 Pieces
Product Description Packing Paper box,blister card,customized package Shipping Method 1.We will ship the items after the payment is reached; 2.We can ship ...

450/750V, 300/500V Copper/ Aluminum, Copper Clad Aluminum Conductor Electric Cable. 银河游戏官网注册检测网址

银河游戏官网注册登录地址 US $0.6 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官方首页 500 Meters
450/750V, 300/500V Copper/ Aluminum, Copper clad aluminum conductor, PVC insulation, PVC Sheath, other materials such as nylon, F64 etc. These cables include single core, two ...

1 Core FTTH Flat Fiber Drop Cable with FRP Strengthen 银河游戏官网注册娱乐网站

银河游戏官网注册首页地址 $0.035 - $0.37 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册娱乐网站 2000 Meters
1 Core FTTH Indoor Flat Drop Cable with FRP Strengthen Note: We can print your brand name on the outer sheath of the cable for free Description: The FTTH drop cable is ...

Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Armored Electric Power Cable 银河游戏官网注册软件娱乐

银河游戏官网注册软件娱乐 $1 - $100 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册平台代理 1 Meter
Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed armored electric Power Cable with Factory Price 1. Product Description 0.6/1KV, 1.8/1KV, 3.6/6KV, 6/10K, 8.7/15KV, 12/20KV, ...

Copper Cable Underground Used Steel Armored PVC Insulated Cable XLPE Insulated Cable 银河游戏官网注册平台代理

银河游戏官网注册下载登录 US $0.25 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官网地址 1000 Meters
Copper cable Underground Used Steel armored PVC Insulated cable XLPE insulated Cable Product Description: The PVC insulated power cable and fire resistant cable are suitable ...

Copper CCA Aluminum Steel PVC PE Nylon Electric Cable Wire 银河游戏官网注册注册平台

银河游戏官网注册官网地址 $0.05 - $0.5 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册在线软件 5000 Meters
Product Description Copper core PVC insulation power cable (BV) Product description - Rated temperature : 70°C - Rated voltage : 300/500V ...

Trvvsp Flex Electric Cable Flexible PVC Insulated Cable PVC Sheath Cable Copper Conductor ... 银河游戏官网注册娱乐网站

银河游戏官网注册 US $1 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册在线软件 100 Meters
Product Description Conductor :Particularly high-flex design made of free-Oxygen copper wires according to VDE0295 CLASS 6 ...

Colored Customized USB Cable Date Wire Cable 银河游戏官网注册官网地址

银河游戏官网注册在线软件 $0.25 - $0.3 / Piece
银河游戏官网注册 1000 Pieces
Colored Customized USB cable date wire cable Product Description: 1) USB 2.0 A male to mini 5pin Retractable cable 2) Impedance matches twisted pair ...

ASTM Triplex Service Drop Aluminum Aerial Bundle Cable 银河游戏官网注册网址网址

银河游戏官网注册网址网址 20000 Meters
*Product Description* Specifications * Standard: National Standard IEC and ASTM * Rated Voltage: 0.6/1KV, 11KV, 33KV * Construction: Phase conductor: Aluminum stranded(AAC) ...

Hot Sale 1/2/4/6/8/12core Single Mode Outdoor to Indoor Steel Wire Fibra Optica FTTH Fiber ... 银河游戏官网注册注册平台

银河游戏官网注册软件娱乐 $0.0542 - $0.0584 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册登录地址 1000 Meters
Description The optical fiber unit is positioned in the centre. Two parallel Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) or steel wires are placed at the two sides. A steel wire as the ...

Communication 1/2" RF Leaky Cable Low Smoke Halogen-Free Fire-Retardant Leaky Cable 银河游戏官网注册软件娱乐

银河游戏官网注册网址网址 $1 - $10 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册app手机 500 Meters
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION OUR COMPANY/HENGXIN TECHNOLOGY Hengxin was listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST) on 11 May 2006, and was ...

Best Price ECCA Wire (enamelled copper clad aluminum wire) Supplier 银河游戏官网注册官方首页

银河游戏官网注册软件娱乐 $4.5 - $8.5 / Piece
银河游戏官网注册网址网址 100 Pieces
SZ CABLE mainly supply: 1-Enameled Wire( CCA wire, Al. Wire, Copper wire) 2-Electric wire( CCA wire, Al. Wire, Copper wire) 3-Electric cable( CCA wire, Al. Wire, Copper wire) ...

Outdoor Indoor Single Mode Multimode Fiber Optic Cable 银河游戏官网注册官方地址

银河游戏官网注册官方地址 US $1 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册网址网址 2000 Meters
HNK's ISO9001 certified factory in Shenzhen, China. HNK have generated a complete line of indoor and outdoor cable products in tight buffered and loose tube constructions. ...

XLPE Cables 4 Core Wire PVC Electric Wire Power Cable Extrusion Machines Control Use for ... 银河游戏官网注册安卓地址

银河游戏官网注册在线软件 $0.1 - $1 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官网 10000 Meters
Products model: BVR/BV wire cable 1, multiores pure copper conductor 2. Pvc insulated, with or without steel armor, pvc shielded 3. High quality, ISO 9001, CCC, CE, ROHS ...

Single Core XLPE Insulated Copper Wire Shield 11kv Aluminum Power Cable 银河游戏官网注册娱乐网站

银河游戏官网注册app手机 $10 - $11 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官网 500 Meters
Professional OEM manufacturer Top ten cable manufactuer in China Leading ESP cable manufacture , largest Rubber cable manufacturer in China. With UL,TUV,KEMA,CE,BV,PSB,SABA ...

Factory Price High Quality 18AWG Rg59+2c Siamese Cable Camera Cable Premade Cable Power ... 银河游戏官网注册登录地址

银河游戏官网注册官网地址 $0.1 - $0.25 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官方首页 5000 Meters
Application: Low-power video and RF signal connections Indoor CATV, CCTV system Siamese cables give you the power to centralize your video and power distribution for your CCTV ...

All Dielectric Aramid Yarn Armor Double Jacket Aerial ADSS Fiber Optic Cable 银河游戏官网注册首页地址

银河游戏官网注册首页地址 $0.47 - $1 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册首页地址 2000 Meters
All Dielectric Aramid Yarn Armor Double Jacket Aerial ADSS Fiber Optic Cable Product Description: ADSS (All-Dielectric Self-Supporting) cable is ideal forinstallation in ...

1 2 4 Core Fig 8 FTTH Drop Fiber Optic Cable for Network Communication 银河游戏官网注册官方首页

银河游戏官网注册登录地址 $0.038 - $0.07 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册官方首页 1 Meter
Product Description: 1 2 4 Core Fig 8 FTTH Drop Fiber Cable for Network Communication The optical fiber unit is positioned in the centre. Two parallelFiber Reinforced member ...

0.6/1kv Copper Core PVC Insulated and PVC Sheathed Fire-Resistant Electrical Electric Wire ... 银河游戏官网注册app手机

银河游戏官网注册官网 100 Meters
AC rated Voltage: u0/u 0.6/1kv Maximum long-term operating temperature: flame retardant PVC insulated and sheathed 70 ºC and 105 ºC Fluorine plastic insulation and ...

0.6/1kv-26/35kv XLPE Insulated Power Cable 银河游戏官网注册官方首页

银河游戏官网注册在线软件 1000 Meters
0.6/1kv-26-35kv XLPE INSULATED POWER CABLE STANDRAD:This product adopts the standards of IEC 60502-97&IEC 332-3 SCOPE OF ALLLICATION:The cable is used for electrical power ...

8723 Individual Pair Foil Shieled Multi-Conductor Cable 银河游戏官网注册官网检测

银河游戏官网注册下载登录 US $0.22 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册在线软件 3000 Meters
Standard: UL 758, 1581 CSA C22.2 No.210.2 Registration No: E187208 CSA204051 MARKING: AWM 1007 E187208 XDXLGS VW-1() AWG 80ºC 300V--CSA204051 AWM I A FT1( ) ...

Networking LAN Cat3 Cat5 Cat5e CAT6 CAT6A Cat7 Ethernet Network Cable UTP FTP SFTP 23AWG ... 银河游戏官网注册安卓地址

银河游戏官网注册娱乐网站 $0.1 - $1 / Meter
银河游戏官网注册下载登录 1000 Meters
Network Cable CAT5E CAT6 CAT6A CAT7 CAT7A UTP FTP SFTP Indoor Ourdoor or underground galvanized steel wire armoured SPECIFICATION PRODUCTION LINE ...
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